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Former Client Welcomed as New Express Franchise Owner

Matthew Smith (Lake City, FL – New)Matthew Smith used staffing services for several years to fill positions in manufacturing, but only recently became an Express Employment Professionals client and good friend of Jason Carr, Express franchise owner in Gainesville, FL.

After a lot of research and encouragement from Jason, Matthew is joining the Express family as the newest franchise office owner in Lake City, FL!

A History of Leadership

Matthew served in the Army National Guard for almost a decade, taking on a leadership role in his last four years of service. He was named the battalion non-commissioned officer of the year in 1996.

The new franchisee earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and his master’s degree in engineering management and technology. Matthew has worked in manufacturing for 17 years, including most recently as the plant manager for HB Fuller where he oversaw all operations of the manufacturing plant and distribution center. He is a Quality Engineer and Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) Auditor and is also certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt from two organizations.

It was during his time as plant manager that Matthew became a customer of Express and learned about the strong support that the franchisor offers.

One Big Family

Matthew is entering into this new venture with his wife, Amy.

“Family is very important to Matthew, and he sees Express as one big family,” said Dan Gunderson, Regional Franchising Executive. “He was able to talk to several franchisees in the validation process, and they helped confirm that vision. Matthew is excited to help provide business for the people of Lake City and believes that business ownership will be very rewarding for him and his family.”

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Express has more than 760 offices, and is still adding more offices every day to finish out 2016! To learn more about how you can join Express, go to ExpressFranchising.com.

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The Four Essential Relationships Every Entrepreneur Must Cultivate

Handshake of two business people in the office
Handshake of two business people in the office

The entrepreneurial journey can be grueling at times, but is usually extremely rewarding in the end.

It means being your own boss, calling the shots, and oftentimes, financial stability. But the road isn’t meant to be traveled alone. Here are four business relationships that you need to be a successful entrepreneur, according to Inc. Magazine.

Bankers are an obvious first choice on your entrepreneurial journey as you will probably need a line of credit in the beginning in the form of a start-up loan. Bankers can also secure your funds once your business starts making profits. They can help you avoid identity theft or embezzlement, which can be a major time and funds drain.

Good employees are vital to any successful business. You first need to find people who are qualified, professional, and committed to the company vision, but it’s important to keep them motivated and inspired. Owners who treat their employees well reduce costs by ensuring low turnover and higher production rates.

Clients/Job Seekers
The relationship with your clients/job seekers is what will keep your budget in the black. No matter how hard you work or how great your ideas are for retention, if your customers aren’t happy, your business isn’t going to succeed.

To create the best customer experience, put yourself in their shoes. What makes or breaks an experience for you with a company? If your office provides a positive experience, it’s likely the customer will provide a referral to your company to their friends.

Starting off as a first-time entrepreneur, the advice of a seasoned businessman or woman is invaluable. What mistakes did they make along the way that you can learn from? Be sure to treat your mentor with respect and thank them for their time. One day, you can pass on your own advice to a new business owner.

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Do you dream of owning your own business? It’s a great time to join Express. The staffing industry is booming, and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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Franchise Veteran Brings Experience to Express

Bob Coletti & wife, Karen Hung (Milwaukee, WI South – Resale)After owning an executive staffing and recruiting business, Bob Coletti is looking to take his entrepreneurial journey to the next level with a full- staffing company. Bob is familiar with recruiting and will put his sales and leadership skills to good use as the new owner of the Milwaukee, WI Express office.

Seasoned Executive
Bob earned his bachelor’s degree in piano performance before obtaining a master’s degree at the Columbia Business School in marketing and finance. He began his career as a senior vice president of operations at Liberty Fabrics and then was vice president of apparel products for McMurray Fabrics.

Bob also spent time as the senior vice president of sales and marketing at Burlen Corporation and had experience owning a franchise before seeing more opportunity with an Express franchise.

During his career as a senior vice president, Bob directed a team of 23 people at four different locations. His responsibilities included forecast collection and analysis, production planning, purchasing, delivery date quoting, order progress tracking, and customer service.

“Bob’s experience in sales will give him a leg up in the Milwaukee market,” said Bill Thompson, Express Franchising Executive. “He is a seasoned executive who is driven to help people, which is at the heart of the Express mission. Bob is very effective at motivating and managing people, making him a great addition to the Express family.”

Family Life
The new franchisee is still connected with his alma mater as a member of the board of the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York. He was also selected to participate in a senior development program held in the United Kingdom.
Bob has raised three boys, Michael, 27, who is a professional musician in the U.S. Air Force Academy Band, Phillip, 27, who is a business analyst with McKinsey Consulting in Seattle, and J.J., 3.

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Express has more than 770 offices, but is still adding more offices every day to finish out 2016! To learn more about how you can join Express, go to ExpressFranchising.com.

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The Growing Business of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur concept background with head silhouette , gears, rockets, city background
Entrepreneur concept background with head silhouette , gears, rockets, city background

Has owning a business and being your own boss been on your mind? You’re not alone.

The Kauffman startup index recently revealed some good news for the United States economy and entrepreneurship. In 2016, the rate of new entrepreneurs ­— the percent of non-business owning adults who open a business in a month — has risen from 280 out of 100,000 adults in 2014 to 330 in 100,000 adults in 2016.

That means that every month in the U.S., 550,000 entrepreneurs finally realize their dream!

Just two years ago, the index revealed the lowest rate of new entrepreneurs in 20 years, but that has now turned around to reaching the fifth highest level.

Women, in particular, have increased their efforts as business owners, pushing the rate new companies opened by female entrepreneurs from 220 to 260 out of every 100,000 adults in 2014. Latinos also doubled their entrepreneurship rates in the last 20 years from 10% to 20.8% in 2015. And instead of retiring, more Americans between 55 and 64 are starting second careers as business owners. The rate of new entrepreneurs in that age category increased from 14.8% in 1996 to 24.3% in 2015.

The increasing numbers mean that it’s a great time to start a business, especially in the booming staffing industry. Express offers a proven system that’s produced hundreds of successful franchises.

Owning an Express Franchise

Express Employment Professionals thrives off of self-starters who are looking for the freedom of business ownership with the support of a proven system. The company is committed to providing hope through jobs.

Express just awarded office number 772, but is still full steam ahead to finish out 2016!  To learn more about how you can join Express, go to ExpressFranchising.com.

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Leave the instability of the pharmaceutical industry behind and build your future

Hickey_Jerry_JillYour best opportunity for business ownership lies within the $142 billion staffing industry. Take control of your career path and start building your future, consider Express Employment Professionals.

Hear former pharmaceutical executive Jerry Hickey share how Express changed the dynamic of not only his career, but his family life as well.

Take a virtual tour now!

The Team Behind the Scenes

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure our Express Employment Professionals franchisees are a great fit for the company and to help their offices thrive as they begin their journeys of entrepreneurship. And thanks to the hard work of Brook Wise, Dan Gunderson, and Bill Thompson, Express just passed 770 offices!

Brook Wise

Wise-Brook-2013web Brook Wise has been with Express for more than five years and is a Regional Franchising Director for the northeast and east central zones. He is based out of Cincinnati, OH, where he lives with his wife, Valerie, and two children, Charlie and Claire.

Brook’s favorite thing about working for the staffing giant is watching franchise owners succeed and knowing that he played a small part in it. That satisfaction has pushed him to set the goal of helping award 18 new Express franchise offices to finish out 2016. And what makes him so proud to represent Express over other staffing companies? The answer is simple, he said, because “we have the best franchisees in the world.”

When Brook isn’t working, he enjoys spending time on his 52-acre farm growing corn and soybeans. He is also into vintage car racing and has restored several cars throughout the years. He is currently working on a 1966 CAV GT40, based on the 1966 Ford GT40, with his father- and brother-in-law. Brook and his brother are also the reigning world champions in competitive barbequing with his team Ribdiculous.

Dan Gunderson

DanDan Gunderson has been part of the Express family for almost three decades after starting out as a Staffing Consultant with the Tulsa office in April 1988. The Regional Franchising Executive covers the west, central, and south zones and loves to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a business.

Dan believes that his most memorable office award is still to come as he puts in the heart and effort to help Express with its goal of reaching 800 offices by the end of the year.

Dan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and now lives in Reno with his wife, Trayce, and two sons, Jordan and Graham. He is also a huge sports nut and loves to give advice on who is going to win the next big game!

Bill Thompson

Thompson, Bill (small)Bill Thompson, Express Franchising Executive, joined Express five years ago to guide offices through resales throughout the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. He was recruited by Vice President of Franchising David Lewis and loves helping franchisees sell their businesses when the time is right. He also believes that the reason Express is so successful is the wonderful culture established by its founders more than 30 years ago.

He has a knack for resales, having helped set new records for both speed and volume of resales. His passion for service shines through.

In his free time, the franchising executive likes to be with his wife, of almost 11 years, and their three children.

Join Express

There’s still plenty of time to join the Express family as a franchise owner before the year ends! Visit ExpressFranchising.com today to get started.

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Experienced Staffing Manager becomes Express Owner

David Taavon (Van Nuys, CA – New)Sixteen years ago, David Taavon joined the staffing industry, committed to matching great companies with great candidates in southern California. Now, he will join one of the largest privately held staffing companies as the new owner of the Van-Nuys-Mission Hills, CA Express Employment Professionals office!

Early Years in the Industry
David earned his bachelor’s degree from Lynchburg College in Virginia before joining a west-coast based staffing provider in 1999 as a branch operations manager and certified selling mentor. He was also a sales manager and senior recruiter during his tenure at the company.

“Throughout the years, David has helped match great companies with great candidates by utilizing his diverse skills in business-to-business sales, recruitment, screening, and skill matching the most qualified candidates with employers in the most cost-effective manner,” said Dan Gunderson, Express Regional Franchising Executive. “We appreciate the level of industry knowledge that he brings to Express.”

Top of the Ladder
In addition to being a vital part of the staffing industry in southern California, David is active in the community through the local Chamber of Commerce. He volunteers his expertise to local job placement and career centers and is a speaker through the Outstanding Professionals Employment Network (OPEN).

“This truly is the next step in David’s professional career, and we know he will be a very successful addition to the Express family,” Dan said. “He is wonderful at networking and building relationships with companies and candidates in his community, which is definitely an asset.”

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It’s a great time to join Express! The staffing industry is booming and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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Armed Forces Veteran to Become Express Franchisee in California

Jeffry Glover  (Long Beach, CA - New)A former Marine with a successful career in the business world, Jeffry Glover is ready to use his experience and expertise to fulfill his longtime goal of business ownership.

Congratulations to Jeffry, franchisee of the new Express Employment Professionals office in Long Beach, CA!

Tenure of Service

Service and dedication are key characteristics of Express franchisees, and they are some of Jeffry’s defining qualities. After serving as an Electronics Technician for the U.S. Navy, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served as a Logistics Officer for 10 years. He then went on to become an Infusion Therapy Specialist for B. Braun Medical and the Vice President of Sales for Parker Printing. He currently holds a leadership role at McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing.

Helping People Succeed
Jeffry earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Jacksonville University in Florida and was awarded a scholarship through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. He has wanted to own a business for many years, but struggled to find the right fit. Knowing that he excels in working with and helping people, Jeffry eventually realized that Express is a great way for him to help employers find the perfect associates and help associates find the perfect business.

“What better opportunity to help people than the vehicle that is Express,” said Patty O’Conner, Express Developer. “Jeffry wants to control his own destiny, and he likes the idea of the proven system of Express.”

According to Patty, building relationships and solving challenges for clients are two aspects of business that Jeffry enjoys. “He describes himself as a tireless worker who will do whatever it takes to get the job done,” she said.

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It’s a great time to join Express. The staffing industry is booming, and Express has been named one of the fastest growing, major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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Community Involvement Important for Nanuet, NY Franchise Owner

Bob Gioia (Nanuet, NY – Resale)Bob Gioia is already heavily involved in his local community but is ready to inspire hope through employment as he joins the Express Employment Professionals family. Congratulations to the new Nanuet, NY, Express franchise owner!

Company Loyalty

Bob earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Maryland before completing his master’s degree in food marketing at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.

After college, Bob began a 33-year career in sales with Unilever, a national consumer goods manufacturing company. He was most recently a customer business manager in the New York market but previously worked in the Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington D.C, and Tampa, FL, markets. Unilever’s clients include Dove, Breyers Ice Cream, and Knorr products.

“Bob is a sales veteran who worked for a numbers of years at Unilever,” said Bill Thompson, Express Franchising Executive. “He is very active in his community and heavily involved in fundraising for local organizations, which fits well with the Express care promise.”

Giving Back

The new franchisee is married with two sons and a daughter. One son recently graduated from college, while the other is a sophomore. Bob’s daughter just finished her sophomore year in high school.

He also is the president of the high school booster club, which is a parent-run organization involved in fundraising for the school athletic teams, and a board member of the Bergen County Charity Classic. The Classic is a Memorial Day fundraising baseball tournament.

Join Our Team

It’s a great time to join Express! The staffing industry is booming and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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Starting a New Chapter with a New Business

Foughnor, Geoff and Toni Shaw (Culver City, CA)Geoff Foughnor has dreamed of owning a business, and now is the perfect time for him to make that dream come true. Bringing sales and human resources expertise to the table, Greg is the new owner of the Culver City, CA Express office!

A History in Sales
Geoff earned his bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix. He started his career as a human resources manager for Tyson Foods before taking a position as a district sales manager for Abbott Labs for 15 years. In 2012, Geoff joined Medtronic as a fellows program manager and was most recently a regional sales manager for Galderma Pharmaceuticals.

“Geoff is a very experienced sales professional who has spent many years with large pharmaceutical companies,” said Dan Gunderson, Express Regional Franchising Executive. “He has a very engaging personality and is organized, driven, and has a positive attitude. For years, Geoff has had a vision of owning his own business. He was attracted to the Express model due to the strong support and long-standing history of the company.”

Community Commitment
Geoff was born and raised in Pine Bluff, AR, but has lived all over the country, including, most recently, California.

He was a charter member of the National Museum of African American History and Culture and is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Geoff’s other achievements include:
• Golf Channel Amateur Tour – Member
• First Tee of Los Angeles – Instructor
• President’s Club – Abbott Labs
• Exceptional Achiever – Medtronic

“Express Employment Professionals franchise ownership will allow Geoff to apply his extensive HR, sales, and sales management experience daily,” Dan said. “His unique sets of skills are perfectly suited to help him run a successful franchise.”

Geoff will be supported in his new endeavor by his fiancée, Tony Shaw, and her children, Miles and Peri.

Join the Express Team
Looking to own your own business? There’s never been a better time to open a franchise of your own. The staffing industry is booming, and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing franchises. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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