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Combating Stress


Staying Healthy While Under Stress
Let’s be honest – we’re all a bit stressed. Whether it’s at work or at home, almost everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time. Stress is a natural part of life, but even the smallest of stressors can have a negative effect on your health.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stress affects both your body and your mind, and it can lead to depression, headaches, heart disease, stroke, and stomach disorders. April is Stress Awareness Month, so there’s no better time to start managing the stressors in your daily life, especially when it comes to your job search.

Know the facts.
When we feel threatened or anxious, the stress hormone cortisol is released into our bodies. This is also known as the “flight or fight” response,” which signals the body to free up energy so that it can respond to a perceived threat. The problem with this reaction is that the body’s focus shifts to fighting the stressor instead of protecting your immune system. This can lead to symptoms of a common cold, loss of appetite, fear, anxiety, nightmares, mental uneasiness, tension, lack of focus, poor sleep, memory loss, and exhaustion.
Let it go.
As one of the world’s most beloved animated princesses begs, “Let it go.” It’s easy to let a stressful situation take up permanent residence in your mind, but you should try to avoid it. Rehashing stressful situations can cause your body to relive the stress over and over again and bring on the same negative bodily reactions every time. Instead of replaying these situations in your mind, try to alter the way you think about what happened. Replace negative thoughts with affirmative ones, like statements of self-confidence. Another way to say goodbye to stressful thoughts is to meditate or focus on your breathing.

Set attainable goals.
At some point, everyone procrastinates. What can start as a harmless way to put off tasks can turn into a habit that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed. To avoid these unwanted emotions, try setting a long-term goal with smaller goals along the way. Breaking your goal into smaller steps can help you see the bigger picture and the ways you can achieve it. And don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Positive reinforcement can act as a motivator to help you reach your goal, so it’s important to be proud of the work you’ve done.

Don’t give up.
When you’re experiencing something stressful, it’s easy to automatically assume the worst. It’s important to remember that negative thoughts will only make your stress even worse. Consider whether the thing that’s stressing you out is something that will bother you a month or two from now. Ask yourself if you have any control over the stressful situation. Once you start seeing your stressors a little more clearly, you may find that they’re easier to handle in the long run. Take a moment to stop, re-evaluate the situation, and find some perspective. Oftentimes, the outcome is out of your hands and spending time stressing about it will only make matters worse.

Take care of yourself.
It’s no secret that job searches can drain you, both of time and energy. But forgetting to take time for yourself will only enhance your level of stress. Make sure you set aside time in your day to relax, enjoy a hobby, go for a walk, work in the garden, read a book, or do something that will help you recharge your mind and keep you both happy and relaxed. You may also consider de-cluttering your home or workspace to help put your mind at ease. Knowing what your stress triggers are, prioritizing your goals, and eliminating those stressors, can help you stay healthy during your job search.

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Business Pro Books North Las Vegas for New Express Franchise

SadeghiThey say in Vegas, the house always wins. But in this case, everyone is a winner.

When Sam Sadeghi opens his Express Employment Professionals franchise in North Las Vegas, NV, it will be a win-win-win-win. A win for area employers in need of quality staffing, a win for the city’s workers looking for the right job opportunities, a win for the Express franchise system, and a win for Sam, as he steps into his new career with a proven business model.

Betting on Las Vegas
“Sam brings a unique blend of management, customer facing, and technological expertise generated from the private sector, government, and academic environments,” said Dan Gunderson, Express regional franchising executive. “With a background in the insurance industry and real estate, Sam has used his relational skills to build his client base, and is well versed in the business concept of risk management. Sam feels the Las Vegas market is on the rebound and he sees unlimited potential in this market.”

Sam has worked in insurance sales for New York Life of AARP and as a computer tech for CompUSA. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in telecommunications from Old Dominion University.

“Sam is a strategic thinker who knows how to align business needs with proven processes,” Dan said. “He is looking forward to learning the Express sales process and putting the sales and marketing tools and programs to work in his franchise.”

Focusing on Relationships
Sam’s desire to own his own business led him to evaluate franchise opportunities. He was won over to Express because of the company’s outstanding track record for franchise success, as well as its focus on relationships.

“Sam has a strong record of improving team proficiency, playing key roles in major projects and cultivating strong business relationships,” Dan said. “He can’t wait to get involved in the Chamber of Commerce and become an active member of the Las Vegas business community.”

Sam’s franchise will be a family effort, as his father, Ahmad, will join him as a financial partner and moral supporter in this venture.

Join Express
What about you? Are you looking for a winning opportunity to be your own boss? The staffing industry is booming and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. Right now, you could receive up to $25,000 as a cash start-up bonus for opening a franchise. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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C-Suite Executive Opens Express Franchise in Santa Monica, CA

After more than 20 years in executive leadership roles, including serving as CIO for a well-known fashion industry company, Ajit Patel is fashioning a new career for himself as a franchisee for Express Employment Professionals.

The UCLA and Pepperdine alum will open the new Express Employment Professionals office in Santa Monica, CA, bringing his unique combination of customer service and financial management skills to this exciting marketplace.

Suited for Staffing

“Ajit is a perfect fit for Express,” said Dan Gunderson, Express regional franchising executive. “He has a unique combination of customer service and financial management skills.”

After earning his undergrad degree at UCLA, Ajit earned an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University. He has worked for notable companies such as Chico’s and BCBG.

“Ajit is excited about leaving the corporate world to be an entrepreneur,” Dan said. “He is attracted to the flexibility of franchise ownership, and he feels relationship building is one of his strong traits, which equips him well for the staffing industry.”

Ajit’s business career includes experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate turnarounds, and investment banking, and he has provided guidance in strategic and operations analysis and management consulting for early stage and startup ventures.

Committed To Service

Ajit was pleased to discover that Express Employment Professionals has a strong focus on community service and helping others. He is active in the City of Hope Annual Fundraising Drive, and is the founder/president of the UCLA Chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Join Express

Does the flexibility of a career in franchising appeal to you? If you have a head for business and a heart for service, it’s a great time to join Express. The staffing industry is booming and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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Seasoned Business Leader Brings Express to Lorain County, OH

grude, chadChad Grude has built a 25-year career as a role model for company leadership, sales training and operational excellence. Now, he’s taking his career to a whole new level as a franchisee for Express Employment Professionals.

Congratulations to Chad, who is opening the new Express office in Lorain County, OH.

Working From the Ground Up

“Chad has what it takes to be a highly successful Express franchisee,” said Bill Thompson, Express franchising executive. “He has an extensive sales background in manufacturing and distribution, as well as extensive training and education in sales techniques, operations, and leadership development.

“Chad worked his way up from the ground level, handling products, driving trucks, selling B2B, and moving up the ladder,” Bill said. “With a sales force of 25 reports and responsibility for a $90 million profit and loss statement, Chad’s significant business expertise positions him well to take on an Express franchise.”

Reaching Out To Others

When he researched Express, Chad felt a strong fit with the company’s culture, which supports giving back to the community and helping others.

“Chad shares our passion for people,” Bill said. “He and his wife Amy are very involved in their church and Chad has a leadership position there. He lives and works in Ohio and understands the needs of employers and workers in the Lorain County region.”

Amy has more than 25 years of experience in operations management and customer service. She also has a bachelor of business degree with a minor in finance.

Join Express

Would you like to channel your business expertise toward running your own franchise business? Each year, Express Employment Professionals is recognized as a leader in the franchising and staffing industries. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine has named Express as one of the top companies in the franchising industry and one of the fastest growing staffing franchises in America. Learn more by visiting ExpressFranchising.com.

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AUM Grad Is New Express Franchisee in Montgomery, AL

cobb, williamIn his spare time, businessman William Cobb provides emergency instruction to first responders, serves an organization that assists military servicemen and their families, and helps make dreams come true for seriously ill children.

His commitment to community and heart for people, combined with his business education and more than a decade in business development, make William the perfect fit as the new owner of the Express Employment Professionals franchise in Montgomery, AL.

The Sound of Success
With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Auburn University-Montgomery, William started his career in pharmaceutical sales. After four years developing strong relationships within the medical community, he spent five years in sales development in the specialized medicine field.

During this time, William saw that medical offices needed a strong partner to manage the relationships between medical offices and their referring physicians, and created Cobb Consulting Company to provide that service.

One day, while listening to the radio, he heard about Express Employment Professionals, and realized the company offered the perfect opportunity for his skills, experience, and love for helping people.

What he heard led him to research Express, a company with 725 successful franchises, each led by individuals who feel strongly about helping businesses find the right talent and individuals find the right employment.

Sweet Home Alabama
“William has all the qualities we look for in a franchisee,” said Jessica Stone, franchising executive for Express. “He has strong business expertise and a heart for helping people. His career and education in Alabama have prepared him well to understand the Montgomery business market and the city’s wonderful community culture.”

“William has served as director of the Armed Forces Foundation in Alabama, and helps children through the Magic Maker for Magic Moments program,” Jessica said. “He also teaches Emergency First Responder courses and scuba diver training. He’s a great addition to the Express family of franchisees.”

Join Express
Do you hear the call to run your own local business with the support of a strong national franchise? The Express family includes 725 franchises across the U.S. and Canada with new locations opening every week. Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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Express Franchisee Triples Texas Territory

They say Texans think big and Rocky Gill is no exception. The successful Express Employment Professionals franchisee in Tyler, TX has expanded his territory to include the Bryan and Brenham markets.

Over the past 19 years, Rocky’s Tyler office has netted numerous awards including Express Franchisee of the Year, as well as the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. Now, he is excited about serving clients in these two new towns.

Sharing His Secrets to Success
Rocky didn’t start out in the staffing industry. When he made the jump to staffing, he was a CPA and working as corporate controller for a medical center. He credits the Express business model for fueling his success.

“Everything I learned about the industry, I learned from Express,” Rocky said. “I am the poster child for someone who follows the Express system and works hard, and experiences how well it works. It’s a proven system.

“My dad has always been in sales most of my life and he worked for someone else,” Rocky said. “I watched him work so hard for someone else’s profit, and it inspired me to own my own business and drive an organization myself. And 19 years later, it has been wonderful.”

Enjoying the Express Company Culture
“The great thing about Express is that you have a culture that is heavy on integrity, on putting people over profits,” Rocky said. “Express puts a strong value on long-term relationships. Express franchisees are true professionals who are working hard to stand out in their field and give clients the very best service. “

As someone who likes to give back, Rocky also appreciates the company focus on community service. Rocky has served in a leadership role for several organizations, including the United Way of Smith County, the “Hope For 100 Committee” at Green Acres Baptist Church, Workforce Solutions East Texas, and the Better Business Bureau of East Texas.

Join Express
Are you ready to be your own boss? There’s never been a better time to open a franchise of your own. The staffing industry is booming and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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National Tolkien Reading Day: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Tolkien Reading Day is Wednesday, March 25. An annual event aimed at encouraging the reading of works by J.R.R. Tolkien, the day is a great time to pick up a good book and transport yourself into its story.

To help celebrate Tolkien, who is most famous for his classic works The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, we want to take an in-depth look at one of his most notable quotes. Tolkien once said, “Not all who wander are lost.” And in the world of franchising, we couldn’t agree more.

If you find yourself wandering from the corporate world or standard workplace, you aren’t lost. Chances are, you’re an entrepreneur. With a desire to start your own business, lay your own path, and shape your future, your entrepreneurial spirit may lead you to consider franchising as a career option.

Think you’re an entrepreneur? Visit ExpressFranchising.com to see how Express Employment Professionals can work for you.


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Anderson-Muncie Area Welcomes New Bilingual Express Franchise

natemillerWhen Nate Miller graduated from high school, he spent two years doing volunteer work in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was able to combine two passions: his heart for helping people and his love for the Spanish language.

Today, he is putting both those passions to work in a powerful way as franchisee of the new Express Employment Professionals office in Anderson-Muncie, IN.

Equipped for Success
After his work in Argentina, Nate studied Spanish at Indiana University and was then recruited by Express to work in the Lafayette office.

“Nate spent nearly five years working in the Lafayette office, performing every job from Front Office Coordinator to Office Manager,” said Bill Thompson, Express franchising executive. “It means a lot that his former manager, Lafayette franchisee Chuck Fish, believes he is ready to take on a franchise of his own.”

“While working at Express, I got to see the blueprint plan in action,” Nate said. “I was impressed with the way Chuck Fish ran his franchise, and by the many ways Express provided the tools he needed to succeed in the staffing industry. I am excited to take this model and make it a success in the Anderson-Muncie area.”

“He understands perfectly how to follow the Express blueprint to success,” Bill said. “He is a perfect fit for the business.”

Love for Spanish Language Proves Valuable
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 5% of Anderson residents are of Latino or Hispanic heritage, and more than 4% speak a language other than English at home.

“Nate’s bilingual skills will be very valuable to this market,” Bill said. “He will be a great addition to the Express family in Indiana.”

Join Express
The Express family includes more than 700 franchises across the U.S. and new ones are opening every day by talented individuals who have what it takes to be their own boss and run a successful business. Interested in joining this growing industry? Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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Are you Wired To Be a Business Owner? Take a Quick Quiz To Find Out.

F101SharePhoto_City_0121Thinking of owning and operating your own business? According to David Lewis, vice president of franchising for Express Employment Professionals, a good first step is to analyze how your personal characteristics align with four basic business models.

“Your level of comfort in running a business can be compared to how you feel about the different ways of buying a house,” David explains. “By evaluating where you fall in these four buckets, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of business venture you’re wired for, or whether you’d ultimately be happier working for someone else.”

A good thing to ask yourself is, “Which of these scenarios is most comfortable to you?”

  1. The good home in the nice neighborhood.

Some home buyers limit their search to houses that are already built in existing neighborhoods. They don’t want to have to make a lot of decisions about the structure. They prefer a home that’s ready to go, so they can add their personal touches through decorating or landscaping.

“If this is you, you are likely a great corporate employee,” David notes. “You like having company policies and procedures already in place, and come to work ready to do the job set before you. You may have what it takes to rise through the ranks at your company, but you probably would not feel at ease running a business.”

  1. A Rental on The Side

You have a home you love, but you like to invest in rental property on the side. You are comfortable with the associated risks and responsibilities of managing the property.

“As a part-time or passive investor, you have a good opportunity to evaluate your potential for running a business,” David notes. “You may realize you are not willing to leave your steady day job, and that’s okay. For others, success in these ventures can lead to business ownership over time. It’s a frequent pathway to franchise ownership.”

  1. A Custom Home You Create with the Help of a Good Builder.

You’ve purchased enough homes or rental properties to feel comfortable taking things to a new level. You want to make your own mark, but you don’t want to start from scratch, so you work with a builder who offers expert tools, resources, and a blueprint built for success.

“If you have done well in corporate, but reached a level where you can’t advance any more, you may be ready for opening and operating a franchise,” David says. “The best candidates have experience building great business relationships and do well executing a blueprint and following proven policies and procedures. They understand the value they offer to a franchise partner, and appreciate the resources that are already “tested” by the franchisor.”

“Express CEO Bob Funk calls this the ‘semi-entrepreneur,’” David adds. “Becoming a franchisee can be a career choice of its own, or a bridge between a corporate career and full-out entrepreneurship. At Express, our franchisees appreciate the fact that we give them a blueprint that truly works as long as they are willing to invest effort in it.”

  1. Grid Paper, a Pencil, and a House You Design from Scratch.

You are ready to create your own one-of-a-kind home and you don’t feel you need a safety net of any kind. You want to control everything, from where the electrical outlets are to the kind of mudding used on the walls.

“This is the pure entrepreneur,” David says. “Pure entrepreneurs are often frustrated working in a corporate environment. They do not want a company providing the basic processes and services to support their business, they want to start from scratch, all on their own.”

So, which business model fits you best? If becoming a franchisee sounds right to you, it’s time to explore the top possibilities in today’s marketplace. To get a good start, be sure to read our previous blogs  Selecting the Right Franchise: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore and 3 Financial Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Franchise.

Franchising 101 is a series of educational articles that provide important tips for anyone who is considering buying a franchise. For more information on Express Employment Professionals and the fast-growing staffing industry, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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New Express Franchisee Celebrates Her American Dream Come True

parrKarina Parr has lived in Mexico City and traveled the world, but this seasoned HR professional and her family have found there’s no place like home in Connecticut. And now, Karina has leveraged her business experience to open an Express Employment Professionals franchise in Danbury, CT.

Karina settled in the U.S. in 1994 and earned her MBA in 2001 while working in the hospitality industry. She is an experienced HR generalist who worked her way up from guest services agent for a Hilton hotel in Florida. Karina most recently served as director for a hotel group in New York City.

Her American Dream
Karina recently celebrated her 20-year anniversary in the U.S. and is delighted to fulfill her American dream of owning a business.

“Express franchisees who work with persistence and determination are able to use our blueprint to become very successful,” said Brook Wise, Express regional franchising director. “Karina has those attributes. She is extremely outgoing and very professional. She sets yearly goals for herself and this year, she reached her goal of completing the New York City Triathlon.”

Karina will operate the Danbury, CT franchise with assistance from her business partner, Foster Burnett. Foster also brings extensive experience from the hospitality industry, having worked for several prestigious brands, including Ritz Carlton, Swissôtel, Hilton, and Valencia Group as well as independent hotels including La Mansion del Rio and The Mount Washington Hotel and Resort.

Making Life Better for Others
“My upbringing has taught me to be independent and self-sufficient, while at the same time, teaching me how to be humble and care for others,” Karina said. “I feel driven to help others make their lives better.”

In addition to helping people find meaningful work through her Express franchise, Karina is actively involved in her community. She participates in Junior Achievement of South Western Connecticut, Toys for Tots, Dress for Success, Laurel House, Kids in Crisis, Waterside Coalition, Yerwood Center and the Southern Fairfield County Food Bank.

Karina is an active national member of the Society for Human Resource Management. She is married and has one daughter.

Congratulations to Karina for living out her American dream as an Express Franchisee.

Join Express
How about you? Would you like to see your hard work pay off as a member of the Express family? There’s never been a better time to get started. The staffing industry is booming and Express has been named one of the fastest growing major staffing companies in the country. For more information on owning an Express franchise, visit ExpressFranchising.com.

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