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Choose How Express Employment Professionals Will Donate $10,000

December 27, 2011 - by

Express was featured in a recent article of Staffing Talk, an online publication reporting staffing industry news, about Express’ generous giving and its opportunity to let voters decide which charity will receive $10,000.

One of Express’ core values is giving back. This year, Express has donated more than $750,000 to charitable organizations, not including donations made by individual franchises.  CEO of Express, Bob Funk, strongly believes in the idea that for a business to thrive in the community, it has to give back to it.

Express associates set a record in 2011, working a combined total of 3 million hours in one week. Keeping with the value and tradition of giving, Express Employment Professionals wants to celebrate by making a difference and donating $10,000 to a nonprofit organization. The unique part of this donation is that you get to decide who receives it.

To vote for a charity, visit and select from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, or Habitat for Humanity. You can vote once daily until Friday, Dec. 30, and the charity with the most votes in the end will receive $10,000.

Dedication to values like giving is one of Express’ keys to success. It’s the same support given to franchisees to help them grow and expand their business. To learn more about Express’ core values and how they translate into building a better business through franchising, click here.

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December 15, 2011 - by

As featured in a recent article on Business Wire, will be hiring thousands of contingent positions at its fulfillment centers in Fernley and Las Vegas, Nev., to meet the online holiday shopping demand this year. Amazon has learned the value in utilizing flexible staffing.

The staffing industry thrives during this time of year, and companies are quickly looking to hire more contingent workers before converting them to full time. That’s why companies are relying more on staffing agencies to meet this quickly growing trend in the marketplace. Since the holiday season in 2010, Amazon has converted more than 4700 contingent associates into full-time employees.

Holiday season or not, the staffing industry continues to boom. Now is the time to join one of the fastest growing markets and find success through a stable and supportive company like Express Employment Professionals. Click here to learn how opening an Express franchise can give you the freedom and security of owning your own business but with the support of the successful assistance program Express offers their franchisees.

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Bob Funk Gives Keynote Speech at Oklahoma Venture Forum

December 09, 2011 - by

Express Employment Professionals CEO, Bob Funk, was recently the keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Venture Forum.  While there, he discussed hope for the future and described how Express found success through a slow economy in 2008 and 2009, which led to record breaking growth in 2010 and 2011.

Even though the U.S. employment rate is at 8.6%, Funk stressed that great Americans with ideas and creativity are what fuel its economy. That is why he encouraged the group of leaders to see their ventures as adventures.  The Oklahoma Venture Forum is a non-profit organization that works to foster new and existing business ventures.

Funk found success not only through hard work and fortitude, but he also credits the loyalty and determination of his employees as they diligently worked through a rough economic time.

 “A company is only as good as the quality of the people that they have working with them,” Funk said.

Express Employment Professionals has found success in the strong support of its franchisees because of the hard work and talent the corporate employees deliver to ensure franchisee success.

“We have some of the finest corporate employees, and we’ve got some of the finest franchisees that can stand up to anybody in America,” Funk said.

Check out highlights of Funk’s speech here. To find out more about the continuing success and growth of Express and how you can become a part of the booming staffing industry, check out today.

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Working Temp Jobs Before Getting Hired Full Time Could Become New Average

November 22, 2011 - by

In an article last week, U.S. News & World Report featured Express Employment Professionals executive director of franchising, David Lewis, who discussed the trending outlook of employers temporarily hiring workers before making them full time.

With the U.S. economy showing slow recovery and growth, companies are wary to invest time, money, and energy in filling open positions with full-time staff. Contract staffing is seen as an effective means of filling vacancies with lower cost or risk.

The trend in hiring contingent staff is also becoming more acceptable and preferable among employees. Younger generations of workers are favoring the flexibility and sometimes higher pay that staffing agencies can offer employees with specialized skills compared to some entry-level jobs offered by big companies.

According to the American Staffing Association, sales from staffing agencies totaled $25.2 billion while employing an average of 2.82 million workers a day in third quarter 2011. It marks the seventh consecutive quarter of year-to-year staffing employment growth since 2009.

Now is a great time to take advantage of the changing work environment by opening your own franchise with Express Employment Professionals. Our commitment to franchise success and the growing demand for temporary staffing can help you invest in your future and impact your community.

If you want to learn more about the rapidly increasing staffing industry and how starting your own business with Express can lead to opportunity and growth, read the article here and check out our franchising video today.

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Franchise Developer Ventures out to a Franchise of Her Own

November 15, 2011 - by

Cyndi Framme recently purchased the Santa Maria, Calif. franchise in June, but what made her a little more unique than most franchisees was that she was a franchise developer and former corporate employee for Express Employment Professionals before purchasing a franchise.

For about 11 years, Cyndi served in a leadership role at Express headquarters before taking an opportunity to be a franchise developer in the California district more than five years ago.

She felt it was time to do something for herself. When she had the chance to purchase an Express franchise, she was able to see how the company worked not only internally as a developer and headquarters leader, but also as a franchise owner. She’s no stranger to the staffing industry with more than 32 years of experience. She started looking for summer work and her parents suggested going through a staffing agency, Cyndi has been working in the staffing industry ever since. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Cyndi’s success is attributed to the small things. Her goals are to make a difference in peoples’ lives and giving back to the community. Helping people on a daily basis by finding workers for companies or jobs for workers has always been her franchise’s definition of success. These values have helped the franchise gain a reputation of having more integrity, more professionalism, and higher caliber workers than competing staffing firms in the Santa Maria area.

To hear more of Cyndi’s insight about the culture and values of Express from the inside out, listen to her podcast.

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